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Use of crop rotation to effectively control the spread of common wild oats in different regions of Latvia

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Weed control
Sustainable use of plant protection products
Harmful organisms
Technological solutions

Project description


Demonstrate in practice that by implementing crop rotation with
appropriate use of plant protection products in each crop, it is
possible to reduce the spread of common wild oat.


1. To develop a plan and methodology of the demonstration trials (total
area of the plots at least 1 ha) in two farms situated different
planning regions - Kurzeme and Latgale;
2. To establish a summer cereal sowing for the background assessment of
wild oat contamination in the demonstration farms;
3. To establish the demonstration trials in accordance with the crop
rotation scheme and the plan of the demonstration, taking into account
the soil fertility indicators, the intensity and type of farm
4. To evaluate the development of wild oats in the treatment where crop
rotation is implemented and the control treatment (spring cereals grown
in monoculture) by weed counts and to evaluate crop yield in the trial

5. To prepare a scientific report on the results based on the records
and measurements performed, as well as the characteristics of the
conditions - agrochemical characteristics of the demonstration field,
characteristics of meteorological conditions during the vegetation

6. Once a year organize field days on the demonstration farms;
7. To prepare educational material based on the results of the
demonstration trial;
8. Organize a closing seminar for farmers, consultants and other
stakeholders (last year of the project).

Submitted on: Tue, 02/16/2021 - 14:09