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Jevgenija Ņečajeva


Academic position

Lead researcher
Dr. biol.



Obtained a PhD in biology at the University of Latvia with
specialization in plant physiology. The doctoral thesis was dedicated to
seed dormancy and the effect of salt on germination of coastal plant
species. From 2014 to 2018 she worked at the Latvian Plant Protection
Research Centre, conducting scientific studies on weed distribution and
biology, as well as participating in plant protection product efficacy
trials. Since 2019, Jevgenija has been pursuing work on weed biology and
weed control at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
Institute of Plant Protection Research “Agrihorts”. Jevgenija also
collaborates with weed researchers from other European countries, this
work includes research on weed seed germination and weed development.
Her main interests are seed physiology and ecology in different plant
species, including agricultural weeds.


Areas of expertise

Weed seeds and soil seed bank
Weed control
Ecology and controlling methods for invertebrate pests in agriculture
The latest technological solutions in agriculture
Harmful organisms
Technological solutions
Submitted on: Mon, 02/08/2021 - 11:24