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Sustainable plant protection system - analysis of the current situation, challenges and future solutions

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Research Field

Sustainable use of plant protection products
Useful organisms

Project description

Aim: To develop a methodology for assessing the pesticide loads caused by the agricultural sector with further identification of risks by groups of active substances,

crops and plant protection products in order to make a proposal to reduce the load of pesticides.


1. Develop a methodology for calculating the risk indicator for more widely grown crops in Latvia, perform an indicator calculation for the period 2011.

2. Identify key risk indicator factors (active substances, crops, PPP usage practices) and dynamic drivers.

3. Identify possible solutions for reducing the value of the risk indicator, taking into account environmental, climate, agronomic and socio-economic considerations.

4. On the basis of possible solutions, formalize the need for practical studies to assess the appropriateness of alternative approaches to current PPP use practices for the cultural conditions of Latvia and the agricultural structure.


Submitted on: Thu, 12/09/2021 - 10:26