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Laura Ozoliņa-Pole


Academic position

Mg. biol.



Laura Ozoliņa-Pole has obtained a bachelor's degree by studying the flora of the Embute nature park and developing the potential route of the cognitive trail (2002), as well as a master's degree, by studying the phenology of the codling moth and forecasting possibilities in apple plantations (2008). From 2004 until now, work at the Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre. Currently chairs an entomology and horticulture plant pathology group, which carries out tests for the effectiveness of plant protection products. From 2019 Laura also participates into research activities of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies Institute of Plant Protection Research “Agrihorts”. Laura has experience restricting pests in various crops and provides advice to farmers on pest control in crops and plantings.



Areas of expertise

Monitoring of cruciferous pests
Sustainable use of plant protection products
Potentially harmful and economically useful insect species in agriculture
Crop pathology
Forecasting of apple scab and development of plant protection recommendations
Broad bean weevil
Useful organisms
Harmful organisms
Submitted on: Mon, 02/08/2021 - 12:11