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Use and improvement of the decision support system for pest control in integrated fruit growing

Project Leader



Research Field

Forecasting of cancer of beech and development of plant protection recommendations
Investigation of the effect of growth regulators in apple cultivars of different varieties
Sustainable use of plant protection products
Research and control of harmful organisms in orchards
Technological solutions

Project description

Aim:Provide crop farmers with disease and pest development forecasts, using a decision support system to determine the exact timing of spraying of plant protection products. The project uses the RIMpro decision support system for the forecasting of three widespread harmful organisms: apple scab, fruit tree canker and apple codling moth, and currently tests the pattern of RIMpro apple sawfly forecasts. A network of meteorological stations is maintained as part of the project, as well as free audience access to forecasts of harmful organisms.


Project partners

APP “Dārzkopības institūts”, Krimūnu pag., Dobeles nov.
Z/s “Ābelītes ZS”, Ceraukstes pag., Bauskas nov.
Z/s “Svitkas”, Kauguru pag., Beverīnas nov.
Z/s “Pīlādži”, Siguldas pag., Siguldas nov.
Z/s “Ievulejas”, Susāju pag., Viļakas nov.
SIA “Poceri”, Saukas pagasts, Viesītes nov.
Z/s “Sēlija”, Laucesas pag., Daugavpils nov.
Z/s “Mucenieki”, Jaunlutriņu pag., Saldus nov.
SIA “Malum”, Vandzenes pag., Talsu nov.
SIA “Auseklītis”, Tumes pag., Tukuma nov.
SIA “Daigone”, Pūres pag., Tukuma nov.
Z/s “Gaidas”, Vilces pag., Jelgavas nov.

Submitted on: Tue, 02/16/2021 - 13:03