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"Development of an insecticide application plan in accordance with the principles of organic farming Rhagoletis sea buckthorn is ready for containment in sea buckthorn plantations in order to increase the quality of organically grown sea buckthorn crops"

Project Leader

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Research Field

Research on quince diseases and their control methods
Plant diseases
Harmful organisms
Technological solutions

Project description

To develop a plan for the use of insecticides in accordance with the principles of organic farming for the control of sea buckthorn fruit fly Rhagoletis batava in sea buckthorn plantations and to obtain data that could be used as a basis for issuing permits for the use of insecticides in organic sea buckthorn plantations in the Republic of Latvia.

1. Project administration;
2.Sea buckthorn fruit fly flight monitoring;
3.Data processing and interpretation of results;
4.Organization of field days.

Project partners

SIA “Latvijas Augu aizsardzības pētniecības centrs”, Struktoru iela 14a, Rīga
SIA North berrries, "Stūri", Ķoņu pag., Naukšēnu nov.
Z/s “Mežmalas 1”, Lejasmežmalas, Brandeļi, Kocēnu pag, Kocēnu nov.

Submitted on: Fri, 02/12/2021 - 14:18