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“Optimālu augšanas apstākļu noteikšana dārzeņiem, izmantojot hidroponikas audzēšanas metodi ar mākslīgo un dabīgo apgaismojumu”

Project Leader



Research Field

Prevalence of tomato diseases in covered areas. Their pathogens
Useful organisms
Technological solutions

Project description


The project is being implemented with a purpose to research and establish optimal growth conditions in covered areas, using the hydroponic cultivation method for varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers grown with artificial and natural lighting.


1. Pest monitoring and activity study of valid insects (Macrolophus caliginosus and Bombus  terrestris);

2. Monitoring of real milling and grey rot and a study of the effectiveness of restraining techniques;

3. Coordination of activities of an entomological and phytopathological study with partners, analysis of results, development of recommendations and publicity.

Submitted on: Tue, 02/16/2021 - 11:47