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Demonstration of the use of a decision support system for pest and / or disease control in integrated farming in different regions of Latvia

Project Leader



Research Field

Research and control of harmful organisms in integrated and organic farming
Technological solutions

Project description

Aim: demonstrate in practical terms the use of the decision support system to limit the pests and diseases of apple trees in integrated cultivation.

1. arrange two sample plots (at least 1 ha each) in each farm, where in one variant pest control takes place based on the previous experience of the owner, but in the other variant, the information prepared by the decision support system is used for pest control.
2.Evaluate the effectiveness of the applied decision support system.
3.To keep records of labor consumption in pest and disease control and to evaluate the economic indicators of the method used.


Project partners

Z/s “Rīvēni”, Dikļu pag., Kocēnu nov.
Z/s “Sīļusala”, Gaigalavas pag., Rēzeknes nov.
Biedrība “Latvijas Bioloģiskās lauksaimniecības asociācija”, Rīga

Submitted on: Tue, 02/16/2021 - 12:33