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Use of different biological plant protection methods and products for pest control in biological plantations / sowings in different regions of Latvia

Project Leader



Research Field

Sustainable use of plant protection products
Research and control of harmful organisms in orchards
Research and control of harmful organisms in integrated and organic farming

Project description


Practical demonstration of the use of various biological plant protection methods and means for pest control in an organic apple orchard. The demonstration will provide an opportunity for the target audience to get acquainted with pest monitoring methods and control possibilities in organic apple orchards in Latvia.


1. Arrange two plots (at least 0.5 ha each) in each farm, where in one variant no methods are used for pest control, but in the other variant, biological pest control methods are used (pest traps with and without pheromones and glue shields).
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the applied pest control methods.
3. To keep records of labor consumption for the application of pest control methods and to evaluate the economic indicators of the use of methods.

Project partners

SIA “Pienjāņi”, Skaistkalnes pag., Vecumnieku nov.

Z/s “Reķi”, Katvaru pag., Limbažu nov.

Biedrība “Latvijas Bioloģiskās lauksaimniecības asociācija”, Rīga

Submitted on: Tue, 02/16/2021 - 14:01