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Development and demonstration of an effective common wild oats control strategy

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Research Field

Sustainable use of plant protection products

Project description


Demonstrate in practice effective methods to control the spread of
common wild oat in an integrated cropping system.


1. To develop a plan and methodology for the demonstration trials (total
area of the plots at least 1 ha) in two farms situated different
planning regions - Kurzeme and Latgale;
2. To evaluate the contamination with wild oats in summer cereals in the
selected fields in the demonstration farms. Establish the trial after a
treatment with a glyphosate-containing product on stubble after harvest;
3. To establish a demonstration trial to evaluate the effectiveness of
plant protection products (use of at least 4 plant protection products
in combination with tillage) in spring cereals according to the trial
plan and methodology and in compliance with the instructions for use of
PPP recommended for the control of wild oats;
4. To evaluate the efficiency of plant protection products by performing
weed counts, to evaluate crop yield (plant density in the sowing, grain
yield in the trial plots).

Submitted on: Tue, 02/16/2021 - 13:44