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Use of phytosanitary methods in integrated and biological orchards to control the spread of pathogens and pests in the leaves and topsoil in different regions of Latvia

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Forecasting of cancer of beech and development of plant protection recommendations
Sustainable use of plant protection products
The latest technological solutions in agriculture
Forecasting of apple scab and development of plant protection recommendations
Plant diseases
Harmful organisms
Technological solutions

Project description


Demonstrate in practice the use of a decision support system for the control of apple pests and diseases in integrated apple growing. The demonstration project plots were set up in two farms to compare the spraying efficiency based on the forecasts of the decision support system RIMpro and the practices used so far on the farm. The demonstration provides an opportunity for the target audience to get acquainted with the effectiveness of the decision support system in controlling pests, showing the prediction models of various pests and their practical application.


1. To set up two sample plots (at least 1 ha each) in each farm, where in one variant phytosanitary measures are not used, but in the other variant, phytosanitary methods are used to control harmful organisms.
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of applied phytosanitary measures.
3. To keep records of labor consumption for the implementation of phytosanitary measures and to evaluate the economic indicators of the use of techniques.


Project partners

Z/s “Rīvēni”, Dikļu pag., Kocēnu nov. 
Z/s “Sīļusala”, Gaigalavas pag., Rēzeknes nov. 
Union “Latvijas Bioloģiskās lauksaimniecības asociācija”, Rīga

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