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ONLINE 13th NORBARAG meeting 23rd till 25th of March in 2022

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We would like to inform you that the information entered in the questionnaire will be processed in order to allow us, the Agrihorts of the Plant Protection Research Institute of the Latvia University of Agriculture, to identify the number of participants and send you binding information about the event. You can withdraw your consent until the day of the seminar, after which your personal data will be deleted. After the seminar, Agrihorts will process the personal data of the registered participants in order to realize their legitimate interest in maintaining evidence of the project activities and the use of funding for the Rural Support Service. Your personal data will be deleted after the project has expired. For more information on the processing of our personal data and the exercise of your rights, see the Privacy Policy of the Latvia University of Agriculture (

In case of questions about the processing of personal data or the seminar in general, please write to e-mail:

During the event, photo and video companies and materials will be posted on the LLU website and social network accounts to promote publicity and public awareness of the event.